Hotel Preferred Fresh Remote

Product Highlights

  • Universal remote control with waterproof coating
  • 2-in-1 control for TV/Sat/Cable/IPTV
  • Retains codes when changing batteries
  • Comes with brand search to help with the programming of older or discontinued TVs

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TV remotes have been revealed to be a leading carrier of bacteria in a room. Not only are they handled continuously throughout the day by patients, but remotes are also handled by staff and visitors. Standard remotes and nurse call pillow remotes contain many cracks and crevices, which make it impossible to properly disinfect.

The Hotel Preferred Fresh Remote is a flat surface remote with a non-absorbent bezel which makes it hard for bacteria to stick and a breeze to disinfect. This is a huge benefit in light of the studies done by universities which confirmed the germiest spot in a hotel room by far is the TV remote control. Since cleanliness is one of hotel guests’ top two priorities – the other is safety – buying Fresh Remote is one of the simplest solutions to ensure your guests keep coming back.