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Product Highlights

  • Hidden Controls: The controls are hidden behind the compactor door, lending a beautiful designer appearance
  • Built-In Only: The compactor is built-in to adjacent cabinetry for an upscale appearance
  • 1.4 Cu. Ft. Capacity: Provides plenty of room for waste items or recyclables
  • 1/3 HP Motor:Powerful motor provides maximum compacting power
  • Removable Key Lock: Provides added safety by assuring the drawer remains locked during use
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A GE waste compactor reduces household trash to as little as 25% of its original volume. And at less than 15 inches wide, the GE compactor compacts most refuse, including paper, cans, bottles, jars, plastic containers, wrappings, sweepings and some food wastes. Powerful operation is the result of a heavy-duty 1/3-horsepower motor and 2300 pounds of ram force crushing items to one-quarter of their original size.

Simply drop trash into a disposable bag that lines the trash drawer and close the drawer. When you start the compactor, an electrically-operated ram moves down into the drawer, compacts trash, moves back up againand the compactor shuts off automatically.

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