Monogram Companion Cooking

Product Highlights

  • Easy to use controls add cooking convenience. The round dial smoothly turns in both directions, making it easy to select from more than 175 preprogrammed recipes. Demo and Help programs guide you through the simple process of choosing a programmed recipe or customizing your own.
  • Spacious interior with 1.7-cu-ft. cavity and 16″ turntable easily accommodates roasts or 9″x13″ casserole dishes, and removable rack allows for multi-level convection baking.
  • Speed cook technology combines high-intensity halogen light with ceramic and radiant heating elements to rapidly cook the outside of foods, sealing in natural juices. At the same time, microwave energy works to evenly cook the inside. No preheating required.
  • Four powerful ovens in one-Speedcook, true European convection, sensor microwave and warming- offer the ultimate in cooking speed and versatility.
  • Optional storage drawer for integrated models keeps baking and cooking trays within easy reach.
  • Installation flexibility-new 30″ ovens are designed for easy installation in a wall cabinet or under a counter. The 27″ models are designed for above-the-counter installation only.
  • Microwave ovens-Electronic controls and a large viewing window make a sleek, modern statement.
  • Warming drawers- Built in design with hidden controls offers a look of understated elegance. Drawers can also be personalized with a custom, cabinet-compatible panel and handle. For 30″ models, a professional panel is now available.
  • Temperature settings- Monogram warming drawers offer a range of temperature options, from a proof setting (approximately 75 F) to a high setting (approximately 230 F).
  • Humidity control-by opening or closing the warming drawer vent, you can keep foods crisp or maintain moisture.
  • Practical details- the design of the half rack not only distributes heat evenly, but also provides 50 percent more surface area by creating a second level for stacking plates and food.
  • Three-pan set- an included set of three covered pans allows a choice of sizes for any dish: one 6-quart pan and two 3-quart pans.
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When time is of the essence or dinner party plans have multiple dishes simmering on cook tops and filling the ovens, Monogram companion cooking products rise to the culinary challenge beautifully, allowing you to orchestrate perfection with minimal effort.

Sophisticated in design and function, Monogram companion cooking products excel at mealtime multitasking. Harnessing the power of halogen light, a Monogram Advantium oven delivers delicious results in minutes. New models are larger and more versatile than ever before and now offer four separate cooking modes, including Speed cook, convection, microwave and warming. Inside, the larger oven interior makes room for roasts and multiple appetizer trays. The collection also includes sensor microwave ovens and warming drawers for the ultimate in cooking convenience.

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