Monogram Wall Ovens

Product Highlights

  • Exclusive self clean, full extension oven racks glide in and out on stainless steel ball bearings for easy access. The adjustable, heavy duty racks with porcelain coating are designed to remain in the oven during the self-clean cycle.
  • Halogen light columns on both sides of the oven enhance visibility, providing a clear view of food regardless of rack position.
  • Reverse air convection system uses dedicated elements and bidirectional fan to provide consistent temperature throughout the oven.
  • Six element design-two bake, two broil and two convection-provide precise cooking control, with fast preheating.
  • 4.4-cu-ft. total capacity in each oven accommodates even the largest meals, and true hidden bake elements add flexibility by allowing easy ash removal after the self-clean cycle.
  • Traditional thermal elements supply heat from above and below food, while helping maintain a consistent oven temperature.
  • Reverse-Air convection system uses dedicated elements and a bidirectional fan to provide optimal air and heat circulation, allowing even and rapid cooking on every oven rack.
  • Microwave energy, combined with the other heating methods, excites molecules in food and helps accelerate the cooking process, ensuring faster cooking times.
  • Sleek, integrated design provides a striking look with clean lines and smooth, glass touch controls.
  • In addition to award-winning Trivection technology, these ovens offer several other cooking methods and modes: baking, broiling, roasting and reverse-air convection, as well as 24-hour delay bake, warm mode and proof mode.
  • Full-size oven capacity-the spacious oven interior makes room for foods ranging from large roasts to rich, multi-tiered cakes and everything in between.
  • Electronic-touched activated control. Standard recipe temperatures and cooking times are automatically converted to proper Trivection settings.
  • Halogen lighting-two halogen lights illuminate your culinary work in progress.
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The Monogram collection of wall ovens offers a distinct design for every kitchen space. Choose from single-or-double-oven configurations, with convection or award-winning Trivection technology.

The design simplicity of Monogram wall ovens take shape in many powerful ways, from sleekly styled integrated ovens with signature tubular handles and touchscreen controls to professional models with sculptural lines and angles. Open the doors and the possibilities expand even further. The Reverse-Air convection system has a bidirectional fan to promote even air and heat circulation. Trivection ovens use a trio of technologies-thermal, convection and microwave-to produce the ideal blend of taste and texture.

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