Why should you attend InfoComm14

InfoComm 2014 is the largest professional AV show in the world, with more than 950 exhibitors and 35,000+ attendees from over 110 countries. This is your once-a-year opportunity to see the latest audiovisual technology, learn the skills that will advance your career, and grow your professional network.

Be ‘wowed’ by the coolest technology out there. Recharge your creative batteries.  Meet the experts that are moving pro AV forward. Get excited about our industry and remind yourself why you love AV.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll experience at InfoComm 2014:

  • Focused show floor pavilions so you can find the audio, digital signage, conferencing, lighting & staging and secure AV solutions you need
  • Audio demo rooms where you can hear and compare outstanding products from leading companies
  • InfoComm University™ training and hands-on workshops that deliver the real-world skills you’ll use on the job

There’s no other event where you’ll see, learn, and experience so much … and have an awesome time doing it.

Take a look at what’s in store!

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To Lease or Not To Lease?

Hospitality equipment financing and leasing are simple and easy ways to purchase hospitality equipment and FF&E. Industry rates and types of leases are becoming more and more accommodating in the industry for hotels, motels, lounges, restaurants and everything in-between.

Choosing to finance hospitality equipment is especially cost effective; by leasing or financing all your vital equipment, you in turn free up working capital for a more productive operation. In addition, some leases can protect against obsolescence and provide tax. You can ensure that your business meets and exceeds the status quote by financing only the best equipment and FF&E relative to your operation.

For example, there are several leasing companies that provide seasonal finance plans which allows the lessee to restrict payments to given months where business is booming.

Whether you are trying to set up your business from the ground up, or merely purchasing hospitality equipment that will better serve the needs of your customer and you.

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Appliance Partnerships: Saving Builders Time and Money

Residential and commercial builders face a lot of challenges on a day-to-day basis, but choosing the right appliances for a project doesn’t have to be one of them.

Local distributors can put together a custom appliance packages for every type of project based on blueprints. They often have local warehouses and delivery systems in place allowing for quick and easy access to products. Most importantly, they have a direct line to the manufacturer so they are able to provide savings not offered to third-parties.

So reach out to your local distributor and see what kind of savings they can offer.

TransworldAppliance Partnerships: Saving Builders Time and Money
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New Series & New Size for Samsung Hospitality TVs

Samsung has added a new series, the NC Series, to their hospitality TV line-up. This series has all the great Samsung features you would expect – LYNK, H-Browser, All-Share, etc.. – but with a slim or ultra-slim (1.37”) design.

Samsung has also introduced, in an unexpected twist, a 48-Inch hospitality TV into this line-up. The new size will be the perfect economical compromise for hotels in need of something larger than a 46-Inch TV but without the space for the 55-Inch TV. It will mimic the rest of the line-up and be offered with the following main features:

  • HG48NC670 – Slim Direct-Lit
  • HG48NC677 – Slim Direct-Lit Pro:Idiom
  • HG48NC678 – Slim Direct-Lit Pro:Idiom and b-LAN
  • HG48NC690 – Slim Direct-Lit SMART

What are your thoughts on the 48”? Should Samsung have released a 42″ like some of their competitors? Let us know!

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DirecTV for Hotels: Changing the Game with the COM2000

DirecTV has confirmed the June release of the COM2000 System – a better, smaller and cheaper head end system designed to work with DirecTV HD programming for the hospitality industry.

The new system will allow for more channels, the new expandable can support hundreds of HD/SD channels, while consuming less energy and taking up less space on the property. Managing the programming for those properties will also become simpler than ever with improved local and remote management software.

The COM2000 is the perfect solution for existing customers looking to expand their HD offering since it is backwards compatible; as well as new properties who are interested in DirecTV programming.

TransworldDirecTV for Hotels: Changing the Game with the COM2000
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Is the end near for stainless steel appliances?

Major appliance manufacturers are starting to introduce new finishes in their product line. GE is now offering appliances in a Slate finish – a warm low gloss metallic grey – which is a big contrast to Whirlpools’ Ice Collection finishes in high-gloss black or white.

These new alternatives are emerging as a way to combat the dampening appliance sales that came on the heels of the housing marketing slump. While many are still doubtful that Stainless Steel appliances can be upstaged in popularity, others are saying that the time for change has come.

Do you think Stainless Steel is on its way out? What other options would you like to see on the market? Let us know!

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Finding the Right AC for Your Hotel or Apartment

Measure the Room

The first step in finding the right AC for your hotel room or apartment is to determine the amount of heat or BTU you need removed from the room. There is a very simple formula to do so:

Length of Room X Width of Room = SQ FT ÷ 450 = Multiplier X 12,000 = BTU

In a 20 X 20 room, the correct BTU would be:

20 X 20 = 400 ÷ 450 = 0.833 X 12,000 = 10,000

Measure the Space

Once you have figured out the power needed to heat and cool your space, you have to measure the space that you have to place your AC. Most ACs can be placed through a wall (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner or PTAC) or through a window (Window/In-Room Air Conditioner). Either way, take exact measurements to guarantee the perfect fit.

Measure the Power Supply

What is the voltage of your wall outlets? It is essential to make sure that the AC and the voltage of your property matches so the property’s circuit can handle the operation of the unit(s).

Find the perfect AC

Once you have these three pieces of information, you are ready to go shopping for your AC.

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Why Do Hotels Need Pro:Idiom?

Many content providers require that their content be encrypted to prevent illegal copying of copyrighted content. Pro:Idiom is a technology embedded in certain hospitality televisions that allow them to receive that encrypted signals and display the content in the guestrooms.

Free-to-guest providers want to create the home viewing experience by providing owners with access to all channels. Owners are required to have Pro:Idiom TVs to show many of the popular channels, including but not limited to:

Popular TV Channels

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