Find the Right Washer: Top Load or Front Load

Top Load Washers

Most people are used to top load washers (or traditional washers), because they grew up with them and believe in their reliability. Traditional top load washers last between 10-12 years, so the need to update was really only because the ole’ washer finally gave up. And it is this reliability that keeps people loyal to top load washers.

Top loaders use an agitator that sticks up through the middle of the wash basket. The agitator’s job is to turn your clothes over, while the wash basket spins to help clean and extract water. Most people prefer a top loader because they feel that the clothes get cleaner as they sit in a tub full of water as the agitator and wash basket does its job. Newer models of top loaders are loaded with features and have a larger capacity for larger loads.

Front Load Washers

Front load washers are known for their energy efficiency and convenient features. Unlike the top loader, the front loader’s wash basket is set horizontally, and uses gravity to pull water through clothes. And because the basket never has to fill completely with water you end up using only a third of the water a top loader uses, but your clothes get just as clean. You also use less detergent, which means more money savings and fewer chemicals.

But there are things you should keep in mind with front loaders that keep people loyal to a top loader. The biggest difference is cost. Although you’ll save money over time because front loaders are more energy efficient, you’ll have to expect to pay more upfront for these machines. Front loaders are also low to the ground (think about your dryer), so if bending or kneeling is hard for you, you may want to consider getting the pedestal so the machines are at waist level. You can also decide to stack front loaders, which saves space (this option is not available for the top loaders).

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Sounflow Clock Radio: Easiest Way to Enjoy Music from your Smartphone

Sounflow Wireless Dock

Your guest can now turn their smartphone music into something bigger with the new Soundflow clock radio. All they have to do is press play on their smartphone, place it on the Soundmat, and enjoy.

There is no pairing, no Wi-Fi, no cables required to connect to virtually any mobile device with speakers. The clock radio itself comes with:

  • Large 0.9-in LED clock display
  • Built-in USB charging (supports most smartphones, eReaders and tablets)
  • FM radio with presets
  • Dual wake, sleep, and snooze functions
  • 1-year limited warranty
TransworldSounflow Clock Radio: Easiest Way to Enjoy Music from your Smartphone
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$1000 Rebate Savings on GE Appliances!

GE Rebates for 2014

GE is offering a $1000 Rebate on select Appliances from July 8th – December 31st.

GE offers several distinct brands, each providing a design to complement a variety of tastes. From classic appearances to the latest in modern conveniences, you’re sure to find the right appliances to fit your life.

Receive a GE VISA® Prepaid Card valued up to $1000* when you buy 3 or more eligible GE Profile™ Series, GE Café™ Series, or GE® appliances.

  • Purchase 3 eligible appliances: $300 Rebate
  • Purchase 4 eligible appliances: $500 Rebate
  • Purchase 5 eligible appliances: $750 Rebate
  • Purchase 6 eligible appliances: $800 Rebate
  • Purchase 7 eligible appliances: $900 Rebate
  • Purchase 8 eligible appliances: $1000 Rebate
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Ideal Screen Size for Your Hotel Room

Size Up Your Room

  • Measure distance from TV to sitting position
  • Divide by 2 to get ideal screen size range

For example: Distance = 8 feet (or 96 inches) 96 / 2 = 48-Inch set.

Focus on Features

Today’s sets are more than just TVs. They’re a place to enjoy sports and movies, photos and home videos, plus anything and everything the Web has to offer. Here are some of the main features you’ll see on today’s hospitality TVs:

  • Pro:Idiom and b-LAN
  • H-Browser Compatibility
  • USB Cloning
  • Hotel Logo Display
  • Volume Limiters

Select Your Image Quality

The number (e.g. 720 or 1080) indicates the number of vertical pixels or picture elements. Generally speaking, the more pixels the better the picture. If your guest will be watching primarily cable and HD broadcasts, plus the occasional Blu-ray and/or multimedia from a PC or media center, then you’ll want to seriously consider 1080p sets. On the other hand, if the TV is more casual viewing, a 480p or 720p display may be a great choice.

Select a Display Type

With their vibrant images and anti-glare screens, these sets excel in brighter rooms where reflections and ambient light can wash out a plasma’s picture. They consume less power than plasma displays.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) sets are basically LCD sets that use an LED backlight instead of the traditional fluorescent one. The result is a higher contrast ratio, brighter and more accurate colors and less power consumption.

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Hot and Cold: Opposites Unite in New GE Café Refrigerator

General Electric (GE) created the first French door refrigerator in the industry to offer a hot water dispenser. The 29 CU. FT. GE Café refrigerator can heat up 10 ounces of water in minutes – ideal for steeping delicate, white tea or preparing warm, filtered water for baby formula.

The pre-program settings allows you to choose from warm, coca, tea and soup but also provides custom settings also allows you to select a temperate from 90 to 185 degrees. All of this comes with the industry’s most advanced water filtration system, adjustable temperature-controlled drawer, odor filter, and a variety of convenient storage features.

GE Appliances is at the forefront of building innovative, energy-efficient appliances that improve people’s lives. GE Appliances’ products include refrigerators, freezers, cooking products, dishwashers, washers, dryers, air conditioners, water filtration systems and water heaters.

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Samsung Light Hospitality TVs

Increasingly, more and more cost-conscious hotels want to migrate from analog to digital in-room televisions to modernize guest entertainment — without stretching their budget. The Samsung Light Series fulfill these needs with high-quality, energy-efficient LED technology and streamlined content management tools.

Unlike their other series, the Light Series does not include Pro:Idiom or b-LAN which is necessary to run digital television signals or LodgeNet. However, it does come with key hospitality features such as:

  • LYNK REACH Compatibility
  • Home Menu
  • Samsung LYNK DRM
  • Hospitality Stand (Swivel)
  • Hotel Logo/Welcome Message
  • Channel Editor
  • USB Cloning
  • Connect Share
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Sweet Rewards: $3,698 Appliance Savings with General Electric (GE)

General Electric (GE) is giving customer the chance to save as much as $3,698 with Monogram Appliance purchases. Anyone who buys one GE Monogram professional range or one wall oven and cooktop combination will receive one of the following eligible items for free:

  • Advantium above-the-cooktop oven or hood insert
  • Wine reserve
  • Beverage center
  • Dishwasher 18” or 24″

If they purchase a built-in refrigerator in addition to the professional range or one wall oven and cooktop combination, they can pick another item from the list above for free.

In addition to the tremendous savings, in the world of high-end appliances, Monogram stands out with its own brand of luxury. Its award winning technology makes it possible to cook faster, clean easier and enjoy more time relaxing with family and friends.

TransworldSweet Rewards: $3,698 Appliance Savings with General Electric (GE)
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Electric Heat PTACs vs. Heat Pump PTACs

Resistance heat and heat pumps

Though all PTACs cool a room the same way, there are two distinct ways a PTAC heats a room: via heat pump or via resistance heat.

Resistance (Electric) Heat:
Resistance heat units work by passing an electric current through wires to heat them. Resistance heat units require a smaller initial investment, but can result in higher energy costs when used for prolonged periods of time.

Heat Pump:
Heat pumps work in a similar manner to an air conditioner, except by reversing the cooling process to circulate warm air. Heat pumps use less energy than resistance heat models, but require a larger initial investment. All packaged terminal heat pumps also incorporate resistance heat technology that can help maintain room temperature when the outside temperature drops below the minimum operating threshold for a heat pump.

Heat pumps are suggested for cooler climates where the need for heat is greater; you’ll see a return on the initial higher investment in about a year. All climate zones within the U.S. will realize some energy cost savings by choosing a heat pump model, but the payback will vary by location.

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HITEC 2014: The World’s Largest Hospitality Technology Show

The 2014 Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC), a service of Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP), is the world’s largest hospitality technology exposition and conference.

HITEC offers a unique combination of top-notch education and the world’s largest hospitality technology exposition. Sessions are led by industry peers and experts, and the unparalleled expo showcases the latest industry products and services from over 300 companies. Combined with the intimate opportunities to connect with fellow professionals, HITEC has everything to enhance your business.

Speaking at HITEC will be:

  • Douglas Merrill – Former Google CIO – Place your Security Efforts Towards The Real Risks
  • Rachel Botsman – Author, What’s Mine is Yours – The Collaborative Economy
  • Eric O’Neil – Former FBI Operative – Top 10 Things You Should Be Doing to Secure Your Company

Will you be attending HITEC?

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Samsung All Share: The Future of Hospitality Entertainment

Samsung AllShare® Cast allows guests to stream premium HDTV content stored on their smartphones, tablets and laptops straight to their TVs thanks to AllShare Cast technology. And with Samsung’s suite of Smart TVs, guests can access the same apps and widgets they’re accustomed to at home for a more personalized entertainment experience. Plus, all TVs are equipped with Samsung LYNK™ DRM technology and are REACH 2.0 compatible, making them easy to install, customize, manage and control for property managers.

All you need is the easy to install Samsung Allshare Cast Wireless HUB and your guest will be able to mirrors content directly from their phone or Samsung tablet.

Previously only computers have enjoyed the kind of versatility and cross-functional capability that would bring together the various digital devices you use at home and out and about. But with the advent of the truly Smart TV, bringing all that entertainment and information together your hotel room is now possible. Wirelessly, and without effort.

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